outer border button hover

Outer border on button hover effect

Instead of the usual border on the edges of the button, add border outside the button on hover to make it look a little different and cool, right?

animated words within headline

Animated multiple words in a headline

Using animation to circle through various words within a headline can be achieved with CSS only. It is ideal for a headline where you want to convey multiple benefits by circling through different words.

background animated gradient colors

Animated background gradient with 4 colors

Take your gradient background to the next level by adding animation and more colors to the mix. You can go for darker colors or use muted grey tones in all colors for that professional looking effect.

underline effect using background color css

Thick underline effect with background color

Underline is normally used for clickable or linked text. These days underline effect is also used to highlighted normal text words in a headline. For accessibility reasons, such text should be highlighted using background color method as against normal underline or fancy wavy underline effect.