background animated gradient colors

Animated background gradient with 4 colors

Take your gradient background to the next level by adding animation and more colors to the mix. You can go for darker colors or use muted grey tones in all colors for that professional looking effect.

heart shape image css clip path

Give heart shape to image with CSS

Want to give a lovely heart shape to any image? It can be easily achieved neatly with a few lines of CSS code. For the best effect, make sure your image height and width values are same.

custom text selection color

Add different custom text selection color

You may want to over-ride the default background color that appears when text is selected using the mouse. This is possible using a custom CSS class and one CSS property.

truncate cut text css code

Cut or truncate text using CSS only

You can shorten, cut, or truncate text to any visible width using CSS only code. No need to use any additional scripts for this implementation.