text thick 3d effect

Text in thick 3D look effect

Want to make a word stand out in your website layout? Well, a thick 3D look text effect might do the trick for you.

duotone two color photos

Add Duotone 2 colour effect to images

You can covert the default multi-colour images into a stylish 2 colours ‘duotone’ effect with a few lines of CSS code. Basically, the code adds two colour layers over an image with one being dark and the other being light.

colored li ol bullets numbers css

Different color bullets or numbers in the list

By default, li list items will show same color bullets (when using un-ordered list ul) and same color numbers (when using ordered list ol). You can easily color to these by targeting marker pseudo element.

underline effect using background color css

Thick underline effect with background color

Underline is normally used for clickable or linked text. These days underline effect is also used to highlighted normal text words in a headline. For accessibility reasons, such text should be highlighted using background color method as against normal underline or fancy wavy underline effect.

blob shape image border

Add blob shape border to images

Give a blob shape look to any image with one line of CSS code. For the best effect, make sure your image height and width values are same.